BEAR (Bay End Art Retreat)

BEAR Bay End Art Retreats

Hi Tina & friends!

I have mentioned in past posts having “goddess parties” with my friends in NH. They usually took place with the change of seasons and often had a theme. My fondest memories are of an eighties prom party where we all squeezed into our old prom dresses (elated mine still fit), a magical fairy party that started at my studio, creating the most fabulous fairy wings, and a summertime disco dance party on my deck, complete with tiaras, groovy music and delicious food and wine. I have only had one goddess party in Connecticut and although it was different, the same goddess energy and spirit spilled into our merry pink themed party, lovingly named the pink palooza goddess party! It took place on the most perfect spring day and was rich with silliness, creativity and friendship. We sat outside in our best pink duds, adorned with fluffy pink boas, sipping pretty pink drinks and savoring all the ways pink had inspired even the food. It was a most cherished day.

You can imagine how serendipitous it was for me to get a phone call from Patricia Hurley asking me to teach at BEAR (Bay End Art Retreats-Persephone Rising), a creative retreat for women she was putting together. She has created a whimsical, fun place where your spirit will surely be renewed complete with a wonderful line up of workshops revolving around the theme, Nature, Art and the Goddess (what could be more up my alley?!?).  It reminded me of my magical time at SQUAM, but has a different intimacy in that the space is limited to 12 participants (so sign up early) and has the theme relating to the goddess. I will be teaching two exciting new workshops created with love especially for this retreat, The Fearless Goddess and The Intuitive Goddess Both will inspire you long after BEAR. I am SO looking forward to a weekend of creative play and meeting new fabulous friends. Would love to see you there! Cheery Smiles & love, Laura

A few goddess pics:

Harvest Goddess Party
Pink Palooza goddess partygoddess party

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  1. I like these pictures of all the ladies! I wish you joy and fun at this artist retreat. I can’t wait to hear what connections and collaborations spin out of that experience.

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