ReVision 27

ReVision 27, Laura Gaffke

Hello my magnificent friend!

After reading your Vision for the week I let my mind wander to what simple things bring me JOY. One of the simplest indulgences I do for myself is buying fresh flowers. Even when I was dirt poor, living alone and trying to support myself on my meager teachers salary I managed to scrape up enough money to buy flowers (even if they were from the grocery store). These tulips, however fleeting make me smile and appreciate the hope of spring in the air and the ritual of renewal. Sending JOY your way…xoLaura

Tina's Revision 27

Dear Laura,

This post is a mix of our Vision/ReVision, Working Table, and the announcement of our new blog design.  This morning, while trying to sneak in a little creative time before I went to teach, I began the work on our new collaborative project.  As the work was spread out on my table I thought of your Vision for this week with the layers of papers.  These papers in the photo, being part of our ‘give away’ when we launch the blog next week, marks a new series of collaborative works for us.  I have been thinking about all your color and composition and have decided to incorporate some sort of bird imagery (two birds of course).  When I have completed them, I will post the results along with the directions for our give-away if people out there want to participate.  It will be FREE art for those that do.  That is the best deal out there right now for a beginner or experienced art collector!


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One thought on “ReVision 27

  1. Tina, I am giddy with excitement to see them finished! Can hardly wait for our give away and our newly designed blog launch! WHoo Hooo! xoLaura

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