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Dear Friends,

You may have noticed it has been a little quiet on the blog.  This has been intentional. After an incredible time of conversation and viewing art in Washington D.C. this past summer, we decided to diligently work on our individual art practices this Fall.  Seeing this artwork made us realize we needed time in our own studios to dig deeper.

Let us share with you a few of the pieces of art that got us stewing with inspiration.

Left to right:

  1. Steve Tobin at the US Botanical Gardens: “Romeo and Juliet” bronze casts of tree roots washed out from a riverbank (we are very inspired how this artist situates his work in a non-traditional space, but perfect for his audience).
  2. Robert Rauschenberg at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art (always in inspiration for the both of us on how he incorporates color and found objects)
  3. Hollis Sigler at the Museum for Women in the Arts: “To Kiss the Spirits: Now This Is What It Is Really Like”  (this is work about those she had lost to breast cancer which inspires us to keep digging deeper into what matters deeply to us)


We also wanted to note some of the non-traditional art we saw on our adventures.

  1. The apartment we stayed at was full of local art, bright colors, and interesting books (inspired us to think about our own living spaces and how we can create inspiration in every corner)
  2. This mural is painted in Georgetown.  (got us thinking about art outside the gallery and institutions that hold art- where else could our work be seen?)
  3. Outdoor United States Botanical Garden: While it was too hot to linger and draw in the botanical garden as we had planned, we were impressed by the wandering natural space in the middle of the city.  Being in the space gave us a sense of ease and joy (which is also a point of inspiration for both of our art practices).

We are still dedicated to our collaborative work and continue our commitment to talk weekly about art, collaboration, and how we can support one another.  See Laura’s BLOG and SHOP to view her new paintings and blossoming business.  See Tina develop a new series of sculptural assemblages on INSTAGRAM and how she is transitioning her teaching to an open art studio at her school BLOG.

So where does that leave us now?

In the next letter we will share our plans for the coming year and our vision for a new mail art project.  Be on the lookout for our year-in-review newsletter headed your way soon (join by clicking link in header).

Thanks for hanging in there during the ebb and flow of our work here.  That’s life right?


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