ReVision 120: Why did I paint over this 7 times?

VisionReVision collage.wmTina Hirsig, Vision 120                                                                 Laura Gaffke,  ReVision 120

Dear Tina,

I could tell you about the wild adventure I have been on in Africa, complete with zebras, tigers and giraffes and that this is why ReVision 120 took so long to finish, but I won’t. This painting just took longer than usual to reveal itself.

I painted over it 7 times!!!  

I would leave the studio in the afternoon feeling giddy and light-hearted about my progress. It was the kind of feeling you get when you are pleased with something you made and could stare at it all day. Yet each time I returned to the studio I felt different about it.

I think this is because I was different.

I have had a lot of friends down visiting this summer and have had many rich conversations. I have also spent some time “in my head” while I was working on my tidying project. I think we show up to our lives in new ways based on our experiences and this is true of creativity as well. It changes as we change.


I just went with the flow, trusted my intuition and kept painting.

I originally started off with abstract painting sketches in my sketchbook, trying to express the feeling I described in my last letter. This led to a series of small works on paper, along with another new series I have brewing for my shop (I will be sharing more of this work on the new blog I just started writing on my website).

flower posie.ReVision120

I was thinking about how nature unfurls naturally, paying close attention to the beauty, magic and change within my garden.

It has an indescribable rhythm and peace I love, especially in the Summer months. I never tire of the bright pinks, oranges, fuchsia and lush greens. They are now blowing me kisses as it seems to have turned to Fall overnight.

My ReVision has felt like it has been in  a season of its own.ReVision 120 collage.painting studies

There is a beautiful mystery waiting to reveal itself.

All of these abstract paintings came from a quiet, meditative place.  I like some more than others but know that each one of them has taught me something about showing up for the work and trusting that it would lead me where it was meant to go.

ReVision 120.sketchbook.

page from my sketchbook

ReVision in progress

Although this painting didn’t flow out of me like some paintings do, it did  allow for the space and time I needed to practice, explore and reflect. So after 7 layers of paint and many sketches I have finally arrived at ReVision 120! I know there were teachers in those layers of paint and for that I am grateful.

ReVIsion 120

Laura Gaffke, ReVision 120

Here is to trusting our inner guides…



p.s. To see the Vision and inspiration for this painting click HERE then click HERE to see how it progressed and how my thoughts changed.

Have you ever had a Project you had a hard time finishing? What was your biggest struggle?

 Lets support each other and share our stories in the comments below.

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