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Hellooooo Sweet T!

How are you? What an awesome summer don’t you think? I have so much to write about that I can barely keep my thoughts straight. This summer has been filled with connecting with family and friends, sun soaked days at the beach as well as incubating ideas. One of my many summer excursions was hopping on a ferry to Block Island for a quick jaunt. I was reflecting back on the first time I was “topless on the island” with Brett and the fun trip you and I had together two summers ago.  There is something really special about being surrounded by water.


I always love poking around the quaint little island shops and even though we were short on time for this trip I couldn’t resist a stop at my favorite shop, Lazy Fish. I think we went there together and each bought a piece of pottery? Mine has polka dots on it of course! :) I love how the shop is styled and filled with an eclectic mix of vintage, jewelry, clothes, rugs, books and even a few of Michael Bryce’s paintings.

A bright red covered book caught my eye titled,  “The Buddha walks into a bar…” by Lodro Rinzler and I had to have it. It is referred to as “a guide to life for a new generation” and that’s what I am getting out of it so far. In essence it is about the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and how we can practice mindfulness in our daily lives while still indulging in nice glass of wine, a beer or a bowl of ice cream if you fancy.


“Buddha nature, or basic goodness.”
Lodro Rinzler

I was interested in the book mainly because I want to develop a more diligent meditation practice and have always been curious about Buddhist wisdom. I have done several of Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation experiences and have loved them all. (In fact I still  listen to the digital downloads I bought). This meditation series ignited a desire to learn more about this practice and is perfectly aligned with one of our central questions. As I understand, when you practice meditation you are better able to tap into your “inner voice” or intuition. I have struggled with this over the years and painting and meditation have helped me with this. I am more compassionate with myself and have come a ways since I wrote to you about being a “rotten meditator” . I am slowly learning to trust myself more.

peace sign

The teachings of this book are offering me opportunities to reflect on my life and prioritize what is most important to me. I want to do my very best in this life and make good choices with how I spend my time, who I am spending it with and how I am serving others. As you know my brain never stops twirling with new ideas, inspiration and perceptions. I want to give it a rest once in a while so I can trust my own inner wisdom to know what is best for me so I can feel less frozen in indecision and perfectionism. I will share more of the lessons I am learning as I move through the book. Happy NEW beginning to your school year!

Love you


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