Incubating ideas and transforming the studio


Dear Tina,

I appreciated the video on creativity you shared in your last letter. It reminded me to “trust the process” and allow the uncertainty that comes with the creative process.  I was feeling overwhelmed with all the wonderful things we had seen and done on our recent trip to D.C. (much like our NYC trips). Ideas have been pouring in but with a busy summer I haven’t had much time to process any of it. This always throws me off and writing helps me think. I have started coming to the studio earlier in the morning when I can in order to find the quiet space my soul has been craving. My summer studio schedule is very scattered and I often find it challenging getting back in flow with my work after being away from it for any length of time. Do you ever feel this way?

*work in progress
*work in progress

If you can believe it I rearranged my studio once again! I really didn’t want to take any  precious time away from painting but since I have been working on larger canvases I felt like I needed more breathing room. I know my studio is a pretty good size yet I wasn’t using it efficiently. I have moved things so that I will be able to step back from the work, and really see it. I made room for a large working table as well so it is easy to move from working flat to my easel. I think I will love being able to see the various stages of my work up and on the walls which will help in making connections. I still have some tidying and decluttering to do but I feel so much better having done this.

As far as my work goes I think I am in the “incubation stage” of creativity. I loved being  reminded of these stages from the video.


  1.  PREPARATION: research

  2. INCUBATION: letting go, mind wandering, allowing for creative ideas, insights and consciousness to collide

  3. ILLUMINATION/INSIGHT: that flash of insight that the conscious self can’t will

  4. EVALUATION/VERIFICATION: self criticism/reflection, crafting the message so that it is seen, sharing your work and recognizing your ideas are not YOU! Letting go…

I especially loved how the video spoke about processing ideas and copying as how we learn. I see ideas being copied and improved upon all the time, especially in all the home shows you see on TV today. It made me think about how our work transforms and shifts through our collaboration. I see this especially with our Vision/ReVision Project. We are processing and combining thoughts and ideas in a way that we never thought of putting together. I think this is what I love about this project so much. It allows my mind to wander, experiment and research things I had never thought much about before. Okay, that is all for now. Sending such good ju ju your way as you prepare for the start of your new school year!



p.s. I think you will appreciate this blog post from Maria Popva’s  Brain Pickings, The Art of Thought. I loved her take on the stages of creativity as well.


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