The Texture Of An Artwork In Process: ReVision 120 w/Tina


Dear Laura,

The magnolia tree bloom in your garden (see Vision 120) is different from the one in mine.  Did you know I have a magnolia tree in my garden?  It is in the back near the patio. Anyway, this bloom is white.  Notice the center where the seed pod is- it’s magenta!  Not only that, the seeds within are red.  I started observing the rest of the tree.  The leaves have a chestnut-brown furry texture on the bottom and the top is shiny emerald-green.   The bark of the tree has this beautiful lichen and moss growing on it.  There is a lot here that is inspiring me.

I have been thinking a lot about the artistic process this summer and how to teach toward artistic behaviors rather than products.  I have a lot more to say on that, but for now I want to relate this to curiousity (if you are new here check out our manifesto and what we believe about curiosity).  Your inspiration and my curiosity about the magnolia has me energetically working on this new piece of art.  I love that feeling of being in the studio working towards an idea that is brewing in my head and seeing it realized through the materials, don’t you?

I really enjoyed this podcast about curiosity by The Good Life Project.  It is an integral part of this artistic process I will be emphasizing to my students this year as well as talking a bit more about with you.  Listen and let me know what you think.

You have inspired my curiosity about texture for this ReVision.  I have been wanting to explore wax in my work so will be doing this in an assemblage format.  I have gathered all the supplies and information for encaustics.  I even did a mind-map for learning this new material.  I am glad I did this research because there are some safety issues I was not aware of (chemicals released with wax melting at certain temperatures for example). Here is a window into this process of research….


The beginning of ReVision 120 is posted below … back to the studio!


Tina’s ReVision 120 in process

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