Laura’s ReVision 119: The Energy of a Line

ReVision 119 sketchesflowers.WM

Dear Tina,

How are you? My garden is in full bloom right now and I am in heaven. It is a far cry from when I posted my snowy Vision for you. When I first wrote you about ReVision 119 I was invested in another 21 day meditation challenge. This is the fourth one I have done and have enjoyed each one. I still feel like a rotten meditator but realize it is a practice like anything else.

Tina’s Vision 119

While working on this piece I experimented and decided to layer my contour line drawings over a collage background. I had so much fun pulling out all my scraps of paper and mixing them up to find the right balance of color and texture.

ReVision 119 collage

I layered my drawings on top, painted the flowers and added a soft white to the collage background to soften it. While working sentiments of love, presence, connection and joy bubbled up so I decided to include them.

ReVision 119.ranuculus.WM

After sitting with this piece for a bit I realized I really didn’t love the heavy black outline of the flowers, so I used a white paint pen and traced over them. I think it helped express the softness of the blooms I was intending.

ReVision 119.WM.Process picture

Here is the final piece…

reVision 119.ranaculus.WM

By the way I really love how your ReVisions are weaving their way into a series. So fun to see how this work is growing. Sending gorgeous days and breezy nights your way my sweet friend. love ya!


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