Our Manifesto!


We believe in artists. We believe that art is passion, ideas, and dedication to craft. We know that art is more than a painting that decorates a house.  We believe that our world is headed in a positive direction because of those who think creatively. We believe that curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it gave it nine lives. We know nature is a guide to peace.  We believe the current cultural media propagates a negative picture of humanity, but we know people (mostly) are kind, helpful, and looking for more connection.  We believe that every person has an important and unique “voice”.  That voice is who we are at our core, what we value, and what we create with originality to make the planet better. We know art has the tools to amplify one’s voice so others can hear.  We believe everyone can learn to develop habits of a creative mind to find that voice. We believe your voice is important.

In our last letter we shared “what the heck a manifesto is” and why we were writing one. Well, we finished ours and here it is!  We picked a megaphone as a symbol to amplify ones voice.  We don’t mean in a literal way of just being loud and obnoxious, but rather the voice of who you are in your soul.  It is this voice that drives creative action, community building, and positive change.

The megaphone will be placed throughout our website when we are sharing our voice related to our essential questions and manifesto.

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We would love to hear your voice!

What part of this manifesto resonated with you the most?

Share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments below.

Stay tuned, our next letter will have some tips and resources for writing your own personal manifesto that we think you will love!



p.s. Here is a little peek from our sketchbook as we develop ideas for our megaphone graphics…..


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