ReVision 28/giveaway

Dear Friends,

The ReVision this week is also our giveaway.  Laura started this artwork by creating the paintings and sending them in the mail to Tina.  Tina decided on adding a collage/drawing element that reflected the name of our blog “Two”.  These two birds are a metaphor to our work together- coming from two different perspectives but hitting just the right note when together.

Each of these pieces will be adhered to a wood panel with final touches which will be ready to hang in your house.  Details on how to enter our giveaway will be posted on Sunday along with our newly designed blog!  See you then.

~Laura & Tina~

title coming soon...
title coming soon...
title coming soon...
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5 thoughts on “ReVision 28/giveaway

  1. Laura and Tina,

    I just wanted to let both of you know that I’m very proud of you…The work and the time that both of you put in this blog is timeless! You guys are wonderful. Keep up the great work.
    So did a win yet ?!!? lol.
    Talk to guys soon :)

    Your Number One Fan,

  2. Laura & Tina,

    I am so enamored with your process. Individually your art work is strong, bold and provocative. Together it personifies friendship and community, inviting all of us into your lives. Like the songbird that seduces us into her world through a simple melody, your compositions enable the viewer to experience your love of art and each other. Bravo! I look forward to your progress.

  3. Hi Laura and Tina, you both have done amazing work together. It was meant to be that you two were meant to be friends and associates. Your work is amazing and I hope to get to your studio one of these days! Do you have prices on the items for sale? I would love to take a peek at those sometime.
    All the best in your future endeavors. Love, Avis We are all very proud of you. Keep the positive thoughts and wonderful work coming our way!!!!

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