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Dear Friends,

You may have noticed that our blog has been a bit quiet lately.  However, our conversations through email and over the phone have been very loud and boisterous.  Laura has been going back to school for business.  Yep, these days having a business sense and know-how is a must to thrive as an artist.  It is something art schools are a bit….ahhemm….reluctant to teach about. This may go back to the stereotype of artists only needing time to create or that galleries should only handle the business side for artists.  Both are still true, but the internet is shifting this perspective. It allows us to get in touch with people who geek out at the same things we do, sell work, and share our lives as makers.  It is opening up the space for more voices to be heard, which we think is pretty awesome.

We have been collaborating for nearly ten years.  That is remarkable given our distance and variety of individual interests.  We have gone through many improvements at the website along with a series of collaborative projects. We clearly see now that we were slowly building a solid foundation for the work to come. We thank you for patiently coming along with us.  We look forward to giving you all even more.

Looking to the future, we plan to sharpen our focus on helping you all understand art in the bigger context of our world, culture, and education.  We believe that we are entering a very exciting era globally of creativity and innovation. Our combined years of teaching and creating are helping us see the big picture and we want to help you see it too.

In addition to this content, we will also be offering an opportunity to purchase a select few original pieces of art for the beginning or experienced collector. We plan to sell our individual art as well as collaborative art right here on our website.  We will be telling you all about the work, why we created it, and how your purchase will help support this vision.

Look for our new website with new features coming in May after Laura visits Tina in Charleston!



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