Tina’s ReVision 119 Complete: Quiet Snow Drift


Dear Laura,

Spring has finally arrived here, but while I was creating this piece for you it was cold and cloudy.  This helped me feel your Vision inspiration.

laura gaffke, Vision 119
laura gaffke, Vision 119

I wanted this piece to be a quiet one.  I was inspired by your snow drift photographs that I mentioned in my earlier post about the process of making this piece of art.  I like the sculptural quality of the snow blown by the wind.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.55.00 AM

I cut a piece of paper 9″ x 21″ and began drawing the bench at the bottom in graphite.  A small square was placed at the top where I created the three dimensional snow drift with Golden Light Molding Paste (as you see in the above photo).


And the final result…..drum roll……..

Tina Hirsig ReVision 119
Tina Hirsig
ReVision 119

Thankfully we can say goodbye to these cold wintery days and welcome in some warmer sunnier weather (like your recent vacation!).  However, I enjoyed the quiet solitude this piece gave me.

Look at how these ReVision’s are becoming a body of work: 116, 117, 118.  Wow!

Talk with you soon.



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