Do you need a little LOVe?

Valentine's Day cards.WM.insta.

Hello Sweet T & friends,
How are you? I am doing okay. I spent yesterday afternoon in the studio working on a series of cards. I painted old book pages to loosen up and experiment with the new neon pink & magenta paints I am currently obsessed with right now, I then used it to create the hearts. I used make cards all the time and somehow stopped making the time for it. With all of the loss I have had in my life lately I realize NOW IS THE TIME! I am prioritizing in large and small ways and making time for what is most important to me~love, friendship, creativity, connection sharing & putting something positive in the world. The truth is sharing or doing things for others makes me feel good, especially when I am down. I am calling this little series “EXPRESSIONS of Love” and will be sending them off to (hopefully) brighten someones day.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

~Dalai Lama

Valentine's Day Cards.WM

Valentine's Day cards.WM.


I encourage people to reach out to someone they want to connect with or think could use a little extra love or a boost. It doesn’t have to be for a holiday or handmade like these cards (although receiving something handmade and created with love is my favorite!) it can be a gesture, a compliment, a flower, or simply inviting someone to share a coffee or a meal with you.

What is the best expression of LOVE you have ever received?

Let’s share ideas in the comments and inspire each other to make the world a little brighter… :)

p.s. The painting above is for anyone who may need a little extra love in their lives. Please know that YOU ARE LOVED, valued and appreciated. Shine bright today!

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