Vision 119: Camellia & Winter Peace


Dear Laura,

I know you would love this flower blooming in my garden right now.  It is a camellia. We planted this for our son since his birthday falls in January and it blooms around that time.  A blooming beauty when the rest of the garden is quiet.  However- our daffodils are also peeking up from the ground right now!  I enjoy seeing these camellia buds unfold as much as seeing them completely open. One of nature’s most intricate sculptures!  I am looking forward to seeing what you create from this brilliantly colored inspiration in the middle of your monochromatic winter.



laura gaffke, Vision 119
Laura Gaffke, Vision 119

Dear Tina,

Winter has finally set in and I have been bunkered down indoors, not really wanting to go out in the freezing New England cold. That was until the SNOW arrived! After getting cleaned up from the blizzard I got my snowshoes on and headed over to the Bluff~my winter sanctuary. I was one of the only people out and it was amazingly peaceful. I have been thinking a lot about solitude and what that means in my life. I wanted this picture to convey the stark, stillness of winter and the peace that can be found in this dormant season. I also thought you might appreciate the color palette. :)



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