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Dear Friends and Laura,

Today I wanted to highlight a project Laura and I have been working on for almost two years.   Below is how we have described this project on our newly designed blog (4 days until we reveal it!):

Laura and Tina take turns adding to the book page by page.  It is sent from Connecticut to South Carolina and back again.   After creating a new page, she leaves a small image or object on the next page for the other as inspiration.  This allows for the artists to add, elaborate, alter, and create together but at the same time leaving space for one’s own expressive ideas and aesthetics.   Words and notes are often tucked into the artwork as the two artists explore shared authorship and visual dialog.

Click on a picture to see a detailed photo of each book page.  I will be posting the newest page in a few days.  I needed to stew for a bit on my page to see if I wanted to add anything before I sent it to Laura.

I wonder what projects you might have that spans over a long period of time.  Will you share it with us?


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One thought on “Book Exchange

  1. Tina, It is so great seeing these all together like this! You are THE BEST and I can’t wait to see what your next page reveals! L

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