Working Table

Working Table, Laura Gaffke

Laura’s Working Table Notes:

Hi Tina,

Yesterday you emailed me and mentioned how excited you were to have a “me” day in the studio to reconnect with your work. So often we as individuals wear so many hats the “me” gets lost. Today I reconnected with my own work by starting this meditative painting. I used the bottle as a way to contain my wandering thoughts. Although still a work in progress it helped center me. Cherrio dah-ling! xoLaura

Tina’s Working Table Notes:

I had the most amazing working table and I forgot my camera!  I will have to tell you about it and post a picture of the progress on our giveaway.  Today I moved forward in a lot of my many studio projects.  I have seven new boxes to dig into next time I am in my studio (I usually work on this many at the same time) and I have about eight small collages in the works.  I will share these ideas once they are developed a bit more.  You know what made a HUGE difference today?  I did not have my computer all day to distract me.  I accidentally forgot my power cord but I think it needs to forever stay at home now that I recognize how distracting that thing is!    Also- I have almost completed my page in our book exchange.  I am seriously on a roll.

On second thought, I was going to post a picture of the giveaway, but the photos are terrible under the lights in my house.  I will take it tomorrow in daylight.  Until then…..


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One thought on “Working Table

  1. You go girl! It is nice to hear you getting so much done. It inspires me. I know what you mean about the computer. I have been thinking about how I don’t have the internet at the studio and wish I did, but wonder how that may change the dynamic of my flow. Looking forward to seeing your working table when you get it posted, as well as the book! Will post my reflections on my page this week. love ya! Laura

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