Laura’s one little word 2015

laura gaffke, “brave” 8″ x 8″ mixed media *NEW PRINT* available in shop

Dear Tina,

I was glad you wanted to continue the one little word project and appreciate your honesty with last years word (you totally cracked me up in your last letter by the way). I really love your new word breathe and I am glad it is resonating with you. I may look into getting one of Liz Lamoreux’s bracelets with my word on it. It could also serve double duty and remind me to pause, BREATHE and stay present in my life as well.

I am having a hard time letting go of my word from last year, SIMPLIFY. It has served me well, permeated my life and kept me on track. It helped me make decisions easier (which I struggle with) and focus on what was really important in my life. I would find myself asking,

“Is this simplifying my life?”

and if it wasn’t I wouldn’t do it. This word also gave me quiet nudges when I needed them and helped me move forward. This word is still so close to me I know it will continue to guide me.


 I am delighted to have picked my new word. Let me introduce you…


* to grow well: to be healthy: thrive

* to achieve success: prosper <a flourishing business>

* to be in a state of activity or production

* to reach a height of development

* to hold and show (something) in an excited or proud way

As you know for many years I have been taking class after class on art, art business, the business of art, social media, more social media, blogging, more blogging etc…you get the picture, right? I feel like there is always so much to learn and I want to stay current with it all. The truth is in order to make any progress you can’t do it all, at least not all at once, right? This year I want to flourish in all areas of my life, in particular with my art business. To do this I need to prioritize and make better decisions on how I spend my time and what I choose to take action onI want to flourish in an excited, proud way, knowing the right people are seeing and sharing my work because it brings them as much joy as it did for me creating it.

“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking

for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”

― Anne Lamott 

This quote really resonated with me. Lighthouses shine from within, have a strong foundation and space around them to welcome people. This is what I hope to achieve. Here is to a great NEW YEAR of dreaming, breathing and flourishing!



p.s. *The cute little letters I used for my word come in two sizes and can be found in my friend Michelle Dyson’s shop. I have my word in both sizes and will hang one in my studio over my work table and one at home as a reminder to FLOURISH.

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2 thoughts on “Laura’s one little word 2015

  1. Great word for you Laura, it is time to take all you know and stand back shining, flourishing, being a be on for others to find their Joy.

    Btw…I laughed for an hour on that quote for the lighthouse, it resonated with me too in other ways! Can’t save everyone, can’t save them all….ha!

  2. Thank you Sue! I can’t wait to hear what your word is and what the lighthouse quote meant to you! xoLaura

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