Tina’s One Little Word

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Liz Lamoreux’s “Five Deep Breaths” bracelet


Dear Laura,

Yes, I will be participating in the “one little word” project inspired by Ali Edwards.  How many years have we been doing this ritual?  Well, I wasn’t sure this ritual was serving me anymore, which is why I doubted picking a word for 2015.  I often start off with good intentions for a word and then just simply forget about it the rest of the year.  Me = lame. My word last year didn’t really manifest itself in my life or change how I look at the world. Admittedly, it wasn’t a good word anyway ;)

While in yoga this past Saturday I had a moment of recognition.   I am always living in the past or future – rarely the present.  I am the queen of multi-tasking and gettin’ it done but that all requires looking beyond the present.   My yoga teacher, Trace Sahaja (best yoga teacher ever), always talks about coming back to the breath.  I have heard it a million times, but I finally heard it.

Paying attention to breathing will bring me to the present.

This breath is where I am receiving energy, inspiration, and calm.

Five breathes.  Not just one.  Five to really bring myself back to the earth.  Five to see (not look) at what is happening now.

Why do I think this is important?  Because I have some lofty goals for 2015 with my craft as a teacher, artwork I am coaxing to unfold, parenting with love despite my pre-teen boy’s attitudes, and nurturing my marriage as we celebrate 24 years together.  It’s a lot to juggle and living in the future of what might or will happen is seductive.  It has served me well through the years. But how about what is happening. I have built a pretty good life, and it’s time to start enjoying it a lot more.

To remind me to do this practice every day I bought a bracelet you see above created by the lovely Liz Lamoreux.  “This bracelet includes five hand stamped dots to symbolize the five deep breaths. Each time you see them, let them be a reminder to you to pause and take those deep breaths.”

Liz Lamoreux
Liz Lamoreux

I really like the collection of bracelets shown above and will be on the hunt to collect unique bracelets along my journey this year to wear along side Liz’s.  I hope Liz doesn’t mind me posting her photos here.  Please visit her Etsy shop to see more of her thoughtful creations!

Looking forward to hearing about your “one little word”.


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One thought on “Tina’s One Little Word

  1. Tina, I think this is a wonderful word….and the bracelet is awesome. I have been stalking Liz’s work for years!! I lover her lockets with kindred and Whisper written inside. You are not alone in your quest to be more present….Power of the Prana! Happy New Year!

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