ReVision 118: Tina’s Completion Round Two


Dear Laura,

Several weeks back I began my ReVision by using printmaking as my answer to your Vision. However, once I printed it I didn’t like it.  It seemed too simple for the ideas I was thinking about.  In this photo above you can see my drawings underneath the printing plate, which is how I started and then got distracted by how enjoyable it was to carve into the linoleum plate.

Having to start over has delayed this ReVision for another month.  Did you realize that we posted this Vision at the end of September?  A lot has happened for us in the past few months, and I am always grateful we are very forgiving with one another by allowing time and space to create rather than always following strict deadlines.

I know this is one of the main reasons our collaboration has stood the test of time through many years.  We don’t force our ideas, but let them unfold.

Literally going back to the drawing board (hahaaa) I drew this.



I then went to my collection of gears and computer parts to find an object that would articulate my thoughts about what I learned in the documentary Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us. This documentary speaks about the destruction of the bees at the hands of human’s worst quality – greed. I sewed this electronic part on the paper near the drawing of the beehive.  I have been interested in the juxtaposition of found objects with well crafted drawings (i.e. I gotta keep improving my drawing skills).  This method is allowing me to explore my essential question

In my last letter to you I asked what your essential question is.  For me, it is “What is nature?”.  Are human’s nature?  Is a computer part nature? Is a human-manipulated beehive nature? Your Vision 118 had me stewing on my essential question.

ReVision118.3 copy


ReVision118WEB copy

Having finished this I now see I am working in series.  Check out ReVision 116 and ReVision 117.  This seems to be how we inevitably work, right?  Following a line of thought/inquiry while honing our skills with the materials?  It will be great to see this Vision/ReVision work exhibited in the near future!

Looking forward to seeing your ReVision 118 once it unfolds.


P.S. I think you will like this interview of Naomi Shihab Nye (the author of Honeybee).  At the end she is asked what message she would like readers to take away from Honeybee and she answers “The rich pollen of every day waits for us in every minute. Dip in, dip in.”  She is awesome, isn’t she?



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