Life is better when shared

Dear Tina,

I wrote in my last letter my belief that life is better when shared. This is something I wholeheartedly believe in and have been thinking about a lot lately. I know for sure my life wouldn’t be as rich if I didn’t have you opening my eyes to new ideas, books, artists and ways of seeing the world. You give me perspective and help me grow in all areas of my life.  Collaboration is where ideas are forged and magic happens.

Sue's hands

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
― Marcel Proust

Currently I am dreaming and collaborating with my friend Sue of the Collected Cottage. We are merging our love of styling, vintage treasures & feng shui with my artwork for this years Holiday Open Studio at Above Elite Studios. We have spent the last few weekends at my studio, sipping coffee, (and maybe a little vino on the late nights) hanging out with her cute little pups, Cosmo & Oliver. I love dreaming with her. She is someone much like you who I can talk with for hours and hours and leave feeling refreshed and alive. We have some great ideas in the works for making this a really special event for our guests. (Sue is one of our surprise guest artists~shhhh). This is just what I needed in my life right now and it is lighting me up just thinking about it.


driftwood tree

These are some of the gorgeous handcrafted driftwood trees Sue is making with all the wood she has been lovingly collecting from our beaches here. It is fun to see all the wood laid out for each tree and think about how far it has traveled. Each piece of wood is unique and a treasure of its own. Many of the pieces look like animals. We have found a whale, a bird and a dragon in the wood. I want to commission her to make a tree for me with the bird as a topper. She will also be making a few driftwood sailboats and other fun things from her coveted stash of vintage maps and music sheets! Our ideas are still twirling but we envision my studio transformed into a warm and cozy “Modern Vintage Holiday”.

Laura holiday card

My studio mate Maria Scaglione has been hard at work getting ready for the event as well. She has two new websites showcasing both her thought provoking fine art photography as well as her gorgeous portraiture and wedding photography if you want to take a peek at her work. She has a way of capturing peoples essence (she took the portrait of me I currently have on my Facebook page). Her daughter, Dora Szekely has set up shop in the studio as well so we are a buzz of creativity at Above Elite.

There will be lots more goodness to come as we move forward, making this dream a reality for me. In the meantime you can get a flavor for what’s to come by visiting Sue & I this weekend at The Velvet Mill’s Holiday Open Studio. We are SO EXCITED!!!


Annie Wildey's Studio
Annie Wildey’s Studio

Annie Wildey graciously offered to share her studio space with us (studio 4A) and we have been working hard all week to create something really special over there as well. I wish you lived closer so you could come but for anyone in the Stonington, CT area, please stop in and say hello this Friday night or Saturday. The farmers market that we went to last summer when you were here (where we got that yummy cheese and gorgeous flowers) will be open  Saturday as well so there should be something for everyone. I might even get Brett a treat from Beer’d while I am there. :)

annie's plien air painting
Annie Wildey plein aire painting in Maine
got my car packed up and ready to go

It has been freezing here Tina so if you could send some of your warm, southern air this way I would love it! :)



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