Laura’s Personal Legend: What lights you up?


Dear Tina,

As you know I am always doing a lot of soul searching. One of the lessons I am taking from my brothers passing is that now is the time to take action on the things I have been dreaming about or thought I would get to someday. The truth is we only have this moment to create the life we want to live. I say create because I believe we are the creators and curators of our lives. We choose who and where we spend our time. No one else can do this for us.

“Listen to your heart, it knows all things.”

~Paulo Coelho

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Lately I am choosing to spend my time in a very self-reflective place, reassessing and clarifying what is bringing me the most joy. I have learned that when you find something that lights you up inside that is what you should be doing. For a long time I believed my life had to be a certain way, I should do this, I should be making a certain amount of money, I should be painting this or that, and on it went. I didn’t trust my heart. I couldn’t even hear it to trust it. I was looking at what others were doing, comparing, judging, and then feeling deflated that I didn’t measure up. This is not a good way to be.

“Don’t give into your fears, if you do you won’t be able to hear your heart.”

~Paulo Coelho (from the Alchemist)

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I get blown off course sometimes but when I stop and listen my sails are always lifted and the wind moves me in the in the right direction. The direction of my heart. The 21 Day meditation on Manifesting Your Best Life is very timely for me. It is reminding me how much I have learned, that I am on the right path and to trust.

“When you want something the whole Universe conspires to help.”

~Paulo Coelho (from the Alchemist)


One of my all time favorite books, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho talks about each of us having a Personal Legend. I understand this to mean what your purpose is (what your heart is most enthusiastic about). He says that deep down we all know what it is. Some of us follow our Personal Legend and some don’t but it is our choice.

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My Personal Legend is my art and how I live my life as an extension of that creative place. This is where I am most lit up and brings me the most joy. It is where time escapes me and I am at peace. I find it in my garden, getting lost in the colors and textures, spending hours creating little posies of flowers, adding beauty to my home or to give to others, I find it when I photograph them in new ways or look really close, I find it in meaningful conversations with friends about dreams and how we can honor them and make them real, I find it walking on the beach searching for treasures and when I decorate or style my home. Even scavenging for vintage items at The Brimfield Antique Show breeds creativity.

“COURAGE is the first spiritual quality that you need to have.”

~Paulo Coelho

When I am doing what I love things are easy and feel right, I am in the flow and being guided. It feels like anticipating Santa’s gifts on Christmas morning when I was little. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep, joyous and filled with the possibility and belief that anything is possible. I do believe anything is possible and don’t ever want to loose sight of that. I also believe that we are meant to share our gifts and that life is better when shared. I have some things coming up I can’t wait to tell you about so expect another letter very soon. Happy day my friend! xo


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One thought on “Laura’s Personal Legend: What lights you up?

  1. Laura, Dad and I love you and are very proud of you. We all have been through some very tough times lately. John did always see the good that was in other people, even though I couldn’t.
    He loved the kids his friends have and was almost like an Uncle to them. We received them here sometimes half heartedly. ( We like our privacy). We loved sharing our food with them…they were usually in need. God is blessing John with a better life than we have here and I am looking forward to the day when I can hold him in my arms again. Aunt Annette came today with Uncle Bob and it helped with the memories.
    Dad and I have had many shared tears, especially today. May we all take the good that he shared with us on earth and help us to get to everlasting life in the next. Love,
    Mom and dad

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