To wrap up our first week of being mindful of “intentions” in our studios, I wanted to post two pictures of my Dad chasing the kids in a game of tag on the beach.

100_6734100_6738He is 70 years old now and still can act 7 years old.  After spending the day with my parents and the boys walking the beach for two hours I realized I have not been patient for things I want in my life.  Motherhood certainly has taught me patience, but patience in my studio practice is something I am finding I need to learn.  I think patience and listening go hand in hand.  As I listen in these fun moments with the people I love, I am practicing patience (and joy).  All of these moments outside of my “studio” time have been informing the artist I want to be.  In graduate school I came around to the idea that my whole life is my art practice.  It was good to get a reminder of that this week on the beach.

What a wonderful reflection you wrote about your experiences at Holderness.  If only those students know how lucky they are (maybe they do).  And what a wonderful surprise to have made an unexpected friend and kind spirit.  I was so glad to hear all what you learned from Marlene.  She came along at just the right moment for you and your own explorations with paint.   Now….let’s see your paintings get BIG!


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