How lighting pumpkins lit me up: creativity, laughter & love


Last of my sassy zinnias. boo hoo :(
Last of my sassy zinnias.

Dear Tina,

What a struggle you had packaging that artwork! You totally cracked me up and I appreciate your willingness to share the not so fun part of a studio practice. Having had similar issues with shipping I have been shying away from far away exhibitions. Often the shipping costs more than the artwork and then with the gallery taking 30-50% commission it makes it hard to justify sometimes. I wonder if people realize this when they see work in a show. The exhibition you are in sounds like a great fit for your sculptures so I am sure it will be worth the effort in the end. Congratulations! Maybe it would be good for us to research shipping options as we move forward with our work?

Harvest Party 2014.WEB

Brett & I hosted our 2nd Annual Harvest Pumpkin Carving Party. I thought about passing on it this year with my heart still heavy from my brothers passing but my spirit was craving laughter, creativity and connection. I think when something drastic happens in our lives it is easy to retreat and not want to be around anyone but the closest, most trusted people in our lives. These are the ones who see our hearts not wearing a smile and know when it is most fragile. They listen without judgement and help you find your way when you don’t know how.  I don’t know what I would do without them. You are one of those people.

pumpkin carving party2014.WEB
Let the carving begin!

I also recognize how important it is to be in the moment and appreciate that life is meant to be treasured and joyful. I don’t ever want to lose this positive part of myself, even when life dims its light.

This is my friend Pat who made me SMILE SO BIG with his goofiness!

I think the Universe opens up for us when we are clear in our intentions as this day could not have been a more perfect. It was a quintessential, picturesque New England Fall day. The air was warm for this time of year, the sky was clear and blue, contrasting perfectly to the sunshine that bounced and glimmered off the golden yellow, crimson red and burnt orange trees. The scent of hot mulled cider (rum optional) and cinnamon lured you into Brett’s shop where we set up tables to work on. Everybody brought something to share. My neighbor Sue made a delicious clam chowder with clams fresh from our backyard and there was no shortage of laughter, desserts, chips, dips, candy, cupcakes and cheesecake! (You can see the rest of the photos on my facebook page).

Brett & I with jacks.WEB
Brett & I hanging out with all the Jacks on our new front porch.

I can’t tell you how delightful it was being around so much creativity. You could see and feel how proud everyone was of their creations and it was awesome. Sometimes as adults I think we forget the sense of accomplishment we gain from a creative act. I believe creativity is a channel to our spirit and is necessary for our growth. It uplifts us and brings LOVE into our hearts. As each jack o’ lantern was lit my spirit was lifted as well, opening me up to healing and an understanding of how I can continuously grow into joy if I choose to.

love you!



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  1. I love that bit “I beleive that creativity is a channel to our spirit” It is like you tune in to your best channel….cool

    also, the pictures of Friend Pat are priceless!!!

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