ReVision 118 (laura): poppies, pods & sketches

ReVision118.pods.WEBDear Tina,

I have been thinking about your metaphor for seeds and future growth for Vision 118. It made me feel good that you think of me with a sense of optimism and hope. These poppy pods hold hope for beautiful blooms come spring. They were filled with the tiniest, little seeds that nearly blew away while I was planting them. I have loved poppies and have wanted  them in my garden for the longest time. My memory takes me back to watching Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ, fall asleep in the what was to me at the time an endless, magical field of poppies. That movie always makes me smile.

orange poppy.WEB

I was beyond delighted when Sue gave me some from her garden. Every year I am envious when I see them in other people’s gardens. These yellow and orange poppies were some I photographed this past spring at the Stonington Gardens by the Sea. It is a magical walking garden tour that takes place every three years. I have been every time since I moved here and am always filled with inspiration and wonder. Those ladies put a lot of time and effort into their gardens and it shows!

yellow poppies.grouping.WEB

I have to say I fell in love with the natural beauty of the pods themselves. I took the time to  look closely, photographing and sketching them as well as the flowers themselves.

ReVision118.pods in bowl.WEB


ReVision118. sketchjournal.WEB

I have a few paintings started I will share with you in another letter. Hope you are doing well!






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