Vision 118: seeds of inspiration & interconnection


Dear Laura,

Getting back into my garden after the summer heat has subsided, I am finding that it has transformed into autumn already.  The plants and trees are releasing their seeds for next year despite their green showing.  These plants pictured above are the black eyed susans, zebra grass, and laropia (which has beautiful purple flowers right now alongside these seeds). The metaphor of seeds and future growth reminds me of how you are always so optimistic and hopeful for things to come.  You often help me see that when life is overwhelming. Thank you my friend!


laura gaffke, Vision 118
Laura Gaffke, Vision 118

Dear Tina,

I cannot stop thinking about Louie Schwartzberg’s moving art with his simple message about interconnection and caring for our world. Another one of his beautifully lyric films, “Wings of Life” similar in style to the one I shared in ReVision 117 was inspired by the vanishing of the honey bee, one of nature’s primary pollinators.

Spending more time painting in my garden this summer I noticed a rhythm I hadn’t before. I would observe which birds would come to the bird bath in the morning or at the end of the day, joyfully watching them fluttering their wings in the water, swishing about, taking turns, silently on watch for one another. I noticed how my cat Teege would always find the perfect spot under our hydrangeas to take a nap and the tiny little bunnies that would come out to find clovers in the grass early in the morning or at the end of the day. The osprey high in the sky always filled me with awe. There is nothing like seeing one race down to the water at lightning speed to catch a fish and dart back up in to the sky with its prize.

Vision 118.2 rose of sharon

Nature is magical and has its own language we don’t often understand but is speaking to us all the time. It is so important to understand that we are all dependent on one another. I wonder how many people think about this? Louie states that,

We are a part of nature and we need to take care of it

 We protect what we love.


I believe this is true. I love flowers and can’t imagine my life without them. Watching the bees fluttering about from one flower to the next, knowing their role in the big picture of life, so adorable and attentive, covered in the sticky, sugary pollen makes me want to care for and plant more flowers. My Vision this week is of a little bee I captured nestled in a Rose of Sharon. It is a smile of gratitude for this small creature that helps make my life possible.



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