ReVision 117: gratitude for nature’s gifts


Hello Sweet T

How are you? I finished ReVision 117 and decided to go with the smaller paintings. I felt like I needed more time with the other paintings I shared in my last letter. Our work opens up new ideas for me and it often takes time to process them. The weather has been amazingly beautiful here and I have been embracing it everyday, walking at the beach and painting in my garden. My thoughts have been wandering to the connection I feel when I am in nature. I see first hand the bees hard at work spreading their pollen and the flowers putting on an amazing show to woo them. Everything and everybody has a purpose and it is important not to lose site of this.

I am really inspired by this beautiful video created by Louie Schwartsberg.  Schwartzberg is known for being a pioneer in high-end-time-lapse cinematography. He is the only cinematographer in the world who has been shooting time-lapse film 24 hours a day, 7 days a week continuously for over three decades. Pretty amazing, right? His work focuses on the connections between humans and the subtleties of nature and the environment which I know you will appreciate.

This film is called gratitude and is a breathtaking reminder of the beauty that can be found in every moment. It directly relates to the connections we are making in our work together.  So many thoughts to share with you but will save them for another day.

Wasn’t that amazingly gorgeous? I thought you would fall in love the clouds. When looking up into the sky while on our boat I am awestruck in the vastness of it all, knowing we are a part of something greater than ourselves. The water is a mirror for the sky and time floats by effortlessly.

Louie Schwatsberg’s work affects me in a deep way that I am still processing.

For my ReVision I slowed down with my camera and took some time to photograph the queen anne’s lace, really seeing them. I love how intricate they are, so tight in the bud then exploding into tiny snowflakes.

queen anne's lace collage

I experimented with some color variations in my sketch journal, inspired by the bright orange and yellow zinnias in my garden right now.


zinnia & painting.WEB the garden
There is nothing like painting in my “outdoor studio”. I was remembering the day we painted in my garden together.
ReVision 117.WEB
Laura Gaffke, “ReVision 117″ acrylic on wood panel, 6″ x 6”

This painting reminded me to look closely at the beauty of each day, see the subtle intricacies in nature and feel the joy of my colorful garden. Happy day to you my friend…



You can see the Vision that inspired this ReVision HERE

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