Tina’s ReVision 117 complete: Time Well Spent




ReVision117 in progress

Dear Laura,

I titled this piece “Time Well Spent” not only for the watch molds that are sewn on the bottom, but also to mark my understanding that I make time for what I value.  The transition to my new teaching position has been enlightening and challenging for my studio art practice.  I am glad you found wisdom in Parker Palmer’s words in your last letter.  I am currently listening to the audio book “The Courage to Teach” by him.  I have a lot more to say on teaching, but I will do that later.

For this ReVision, I chose to continue my series of graphite drawings from my last ReVision. I really enjoyed drawing the hollyhocks from your Vision 117 inspiration.  These tall plants with flowers that grow from the bottom of the stem and continue upwards are unusual.  I was always surprised when I lived in Boston at how many would grow over my head in height.  I drew them growing out of the metal watch mold.  Adding images of gears in the graphite were an excellent meditation on time well spent drawing it.

Thanks for the inspiration that I needed to get back working in my studio!



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