Vision 27

Vision 27 Laura Gaffke

Dear Tina,

On Sunday I spent some time in the studio with the intention of working on some unfinished pieces. I found myself moving things around, cleaning and reorganizing. As I worked I kept asking myself if this was the best use of my time and whether or not I was avoiding the work. Pam Hall, (one of our fantastic advisors from Goddard) would say this was part of the creative process. Acknowledging this grounded me as I allowed myself to be led. While shuffling things around I uncovered some semi-forgotten, beautifully handwritten old papers from the 1800’s. Memories flooded through me like my breath and I was transported to the most magical day in Paris with my very good friend Enid. I had unearthed them at a flea market. Together we enjoyed the most delicious hot chocolate I had ever had at a lovely place called, Angelina’s. We had to wait an hour in line but we didn’t care, we were in Paris! I also loved the many quaint cafe’s as well as the and history that encompassed all of the art we saw. This trip, like most trips I have taken widened my perspective, filling me with new ways of seeing. Having this quiet time to myself was necessary. It allowed me to make some new connections and rediscover the direction I wanted to go. By reconnecting with myself I could connect to the work. Sending you a delectable cup of that magnificent cocoa. xoL

Tina's Vision 27

Dear Laura,

My Vision this week comes from my kitchen. Yesterday was spent with my family walking, playing cards, watching movies, and cooking.  No work, just joy (nice).  My husband, Chris, made the gnocci from scratch in the photo above.  It was amazing!  The boys and I made the cookies- a recipe adapted with sunbutter instead of peanutbutter.  Our son is allergic to peanuts so we have been revisiting old recipes we used to eat but with sunbutter (made with sunflower seeds).  I enjoy days like this so much because our usual meals are something like pizza or grilled cheese with tomato soup that are usually rushed.  A delicious meal and a day with the boys (with very little arguing between them….a gift all in itself) is what keeps me going through the week.


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