Twyla Tharp: The Collaborative Habit

Dear Friends and Laura,

I wanted to take a moment to share a book that Laura and I are currently reading.  It is written by the internationally know choreographer Twyla Tharp titled The Collaborative Habit; Life Lessons For Working Together. Laura and I both have her previous book titled The Creative Habit which we agreed to go back and revisit at a later date.  For now, we are delighted to have found this book because it speaks directly the importance of the work we have done and will do in this collaborative blog.  Not only is she to be admired as a pioneer for women in the arts (all of whom we owe thanks for paving the road for us today- I will be touching on more women artists this year in my posts), but also for how she articulates the process of an artist’s life.

So far, I have only read up to page 13, but already I have many dog eared pages and underlined sentences (I am sure you do too Laura).  Here is one quote to give  you all a sense of what the book is about:

“…more and more of us are realizing that the brilliant CEO, the politician who keeps his own counsel, and the lone hero are yesterday’s role models.  The media may still love them, but our new heroes are men and women who know how to gather allies, build teams, and work together toward shared goals.  Name an enterprise, and you will find levels of collaboration that were unthinkable just a few years ago.  The real success stories of our time are about joint efforts: sports teams, political campaigns, businesses, causes.” -pg. 7

If anyone else is reading this book at the moment, drop us a line about what you think of it.  We will do the same as we dive into her book further.   Happy reading!


Twyla Tharp 2004 (from wikipedia)

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  1. Thank you for telling us about this book – I’m embarking on a collaborative book project, and right now we’re dialogging about how to set up our business arrangements for the duration. I will definitely want to read this book!

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