Working Table 1-26-10

Tina's Working Table Jan 26

Tina’s Working Table Notes:  Today was a day of experimenting.  I used my Dremmel tool for the first time and ripped apart a piece of art I made two years ago to reinvent it into a new idea.  My backdrop today is the filming of Army Wives right outside my studio, so I feel a bit distracted by the onlookers into my studio.

Laura's working table Jan. 26

Laura’s Working Table Notes: Today I finished our Collaborative book, along with all of the backgrounds for our new upcoming collaborative project, so look forward to that in the mail shortly. I will post a tiny little glimpse soon! What you see on my working table is the “vision” or “prosperity board” I have been working on for my Blast Off Class. The idea is to clarify what you would like to see in your life and create a visual collage of images which represent these things to you. Couch Rachelle Disbennett-Lee believes they are are a powerful tool because the appeal directly to the right side of your brain, which is the part of your brain that responds to feelings and images. You can learn more about them HERE. These boards have come up in various books I have read over the years and truthfully I have never wanted to take the time to make one. Ironically when I thought about all the images I have tacked up on my bulletin board over the years, I realized that most of those things have come into my life, so I believe there is something to them. We shall see…

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