Vision 26

Vision 26

Dear Tina,

Guess the first place I would go on a “warm” January day in New England? To the Bluff, to the Bluff, to the Bluff, Bluff, Bluff! I delighted in tromping through the muddy trails and breathing in the fresh air over the weekend. It felt wonderful being outdoors after cozying up inside for the past few months. I have Spring fever already which has manifested into the need to let go of the attachments gathering dust in my studio, home and soul. Both Alyson Stanfield’s Blast Off class and a moving email from my sweet friend Tricia’s husband prompted a much needed movement in this direction.

As you know, my sweet Tricia lost her battle with cancer close to two years ago. Her husband was ready let go of some of her possessions and let her friends know they were welcome to choose what they would like. I knew immediately the only thing I wanted. This was her goddess candle. A goddess candle is what my friends, “the goddess sisters” would bring to the lively parties I hosted at my magical cottage in NH. It was a way for us to acknowledge our fierce individual spirits and time together. Tricia’s candle represented my memories of all the fun times we had together. My hope was to continue this tradition at future goddess parties and anytime I needed to feel her presence and all the goodness she possessed. I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt this way as the candle had already found a new home by the time I inquired about it. I sat with my sadness and disappointment while at the Bluff, pondering my attachment to things, whether it be this candle or all of the other stuff in my life. I finally concluded that just like the ice breaking in this picture, it was time to let go of my attachment to “things.” I know that no single object could ever take away the love I will always hold deep in my heart for Trish. Sending  you and all my fierce goddess sisters (both new and old) love, memories and a peaceful heart. You mean the world to me! xoLaura

Tina's Vision 26

Dear Laura, My Vision this week is a ‘mash-up’ of  today and yesterday.  A picture at home of my teacup and a photo from our trip to NYC.  I am thinking today about all that we had talked about regarding our art practices and seeing how the talk is matching up with my walk today in my studio.  One thing I know for sure is that patience is in order and trust that I will (and am) actually making strides forward.  Patience, patience, patience!


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4 thoughts on “Vision 26

  1. Your imagery regarding the breaking ice and letting go was really quite beautiful. As humans we hold on with such ferocity to the things that we collect. If only we could collect the love and friendships that we gather throughout life and put them in little jars. Then perhaps our need to hold on will match our need to love and feel loved.

  2. i miss my goddess sister holly who’s been gone a very long time but it’s amazing how she turns up with me at the oddest times…and can still make me smile like she used to…

  3. HI Laura,
    I am sorry that Tricia’s candle didn’t work out in your favor, but it seems like you are taking the right frame of mind. I can’t believe it has been almost two years. Maybe a private anniversary celebration for her every year would be in order. I always remember my nephew every year in December by inviting my boys into a ritual we share with my brother. The first year without him, my family purchased a star in Ryan’s name. He shines down on us every night.

  4. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, rituals & memories. I appreciate the sentiment and connection. Laura

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