ReVision 116: colorful tomatoes & tending to what matters


Dear Tina,

I loved seeing your ReVision 116. You cracked me up with your “homage to the moth”. Poor little guy…I like the way you incorporated the patterns from his wings in you’re drawing. I think this new format of going bigger is working out great! We will be able to stretch ourselves in ways we couldn’t before. My apologies for not getting my ReVision up sooner. As you saw during your visit this painting was almost complete. It just needed the finishing touches and a little time and space to wrap my head around the lesson within it.


While painting I thought a lot about what we nurture and tend to in our lives. My relationships, art and personal growth are what matter most to me and what I tend to. I had to let some things go this summer for my business that I hadn’t planned on in order to cultivate other areas of my life. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and anxious about it, allowing the negative chatter to creep in. I felt like if I wasn’t working every moment to grow my business I wasn’t working hard enough. What they don’t teach you in art school is how to be an entrepeuner. There are so many things to learn, juggle and maintain on your own that I often feel like I am being buried alive. The painting is the easy part and sometimes that can be hard too.


I know these thoughts never serve me and I have found ways to get back on track much quicker than in the past. Meditating and long walks on the shoreline never cease to do me a world of good when I falter. This practice along with my studio practice helps ground me so I can find the joy and ease of each day, rather than stress. If I can honestly say that I am doing my best I am at peace with myself. Success doesn’t have to be some big, monumental task, it can be simple acts over time that add up to bigger things, right? You are a master at this.

What I know for sure is that I am happiest in this place, the now, not in the future where my thoughts like to live.

Laura's VisionReVision 116.WEB
Tina’s Vision 116 (left) Laura’s ReVision 116 (right)

While working on this ReVision I thought about my dad who just had his hip replaced as well as another friend who is going through a challenging time. I am inspired by their optimism and ability to make the most of each day. This painting became a meditation in strengthening my optimism and joy muscles. Painting each layer caused me to pause and remember that we all have our own unique challenges and have the ability to affect each others lives. We can choose to listen deeper, reach out, connect, empathize, share and be present to each other in so many beautiful ways big and small. Here is to an optimistic heart, tending to what matters, growth and the effervescent dance of life.



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