On the day that I die…

Dear Tina,

My friend Liz once said that concerts to her were a religious experience and I get what she means by this. While seeing an artist perform live I am often swept up in both the unedited, raw vibrancy of instrument and voice, as well as the indescribable energy of the crowd. This combination of vibrancy and spirt elevates me, pulling me in an uncontrollable way to point my finger in the air (my signature move~ha!) and sing along, often quite loud. I make no excuse for my voice not being good enough, I just don’t care as I am caught up in the moment and my spirit is aligned with something greater than myself.

“I believe that I was born with a song inside of me… I never questioned why, I just keep on singing these melodies…”

~Zac Brown Band

There are many artists that send me to this place and make me want to turn the music up and sing along in my car. The Zac Brown Band is one of these bands and I am SO BEYOND THRILLED to be seeing them this weekend. I am pretty sure it is you that turned me onto them and for that I will be forever grateful. They are SO my kind of Jimmy Buffett, beachy, fun, lighthearted music with meaningful lyrics.

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Laura Gaffke, “Late Summer Afternoon” (PRIVATE COLLECTION)

I thought I would share one of my favorite songs with you, called “Day That I Die”. It inspires me to live for today and not look back on my life with regret.

Every time I hear it I light up inside.

This song reminds me to never compromise with my painting and creative endeavors, to live with passion and love, even when earning a living as an artist can be so challenging. I think we both live our lives with this sincerity and verve. Let us never give up on our dreams, always live with integrity and love, and strive to make this world better using our gifts. If we are lucky, people may slow down and take notice of this beautiful world we share, hear the poetry of the poets, absorb the soul of the music and see the artistry in nature.


“on the day that I die, I want to say that I was a man who really lived and never compromised and while I live out my days until the very end, you can find me in my home with my guitar in my hands.”

~Zac Brown Band

I like to change the last line to “you can find me in my home with a paintbrush in my hands…”

Let your light shine

love you!



p.s. This is an interview I thought you might enjoy about what this song means to the band.


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