ReVision 26

ReVision 26

Dear Tina~

In thinking about your Vision for the week I asked myself the same question as to whether I was “walking the walk” in my practice as you mentioned. I am curious how you felt being back in your studio this week. The Blast Off class I have been talking with you about has left me overwhelmed with excitement and grand “to do” lists. My teacher, Alyson Stanfield started our last class today saying “You can’t do it all” and ” you are right where you should be.” She recognized how much content was in this class and that we are all in different places in our lives, careers and creative practices. I really appreciated hearing that. Even though I have done a lot of work for this class I had been feeling like there was so much more I wanted to accomplish.  Alyson suggested partnering up with someone from the class to check in with since the class was ending, as a way to hold ourselves accountable. I loved knowing I already had someone and that was you. We do this naturally and now having created monthly goals with you for both our personal and creative practices I feel more relaxed and able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with you, my friend, even if it is virtually. We will always have more to do but knowing how our friendship strikes just the right balance I will savoring this moment and look forward to our exciting year ahead…

Love you! Laura

Tina's ReVision 26

Dear Laura,

Your thoughtful Vision this week had me thinking about the transience to all of life.  Whether it is our loved ones around us or the things we hold dear, we are all here floating on the course of time.  It can start making your mind spin thinking of all the infinate possiblities of how we ended up who we are with the grand shuffle of DNA.  What are the chances that we are traveling this earth with these particular people in this particular time?  Yes, the mind is spinning.  As I was thinking this, I looked out the window of my sunroom and spied two birds chatting it up in a tree.    It seemed to illustrate exactly what I was thinking about at the moment.  AND how we often think of our selves as two birds stopping for a moment to connect.  We leave and fly about our business to return again to the same tree. How lucky we are to have the people we have in this moment in this particular time.


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