Vision 117: Queen Ann’s Lace, Meditation & Growing Muscles

Vision117WEBDear Laura,

After spending the afternoon outside your studio last week, I became fascinated by the shapes of the Queen Ann’s Lace.  This particular one is just about to unfurl into it’s lacey umbrella like shape. It is one of the most intricate flowers I have seen. The petals are so tiny. I remember this wildflower well growing up in the midwest, but never stopped to look closer at it.

I sat and created some contour drawings after photographing that I thought I would share too.  Happy creating!

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ReVision 117

Dear Tina,

This hollyhock is a favorite in my garden. I don’t often see a black flower and I am drawn to  the many nuances of this deep, rich, dark beauty. I posted this photograph on my instagram page a few weeks ago along with a quote I have been carrying around in my journal ever since I saw an interview with Lady Gaga awhile back on Oprah. She said,

You have to cancel out the noise and know that it is your thoughts that matter.

Isn’t that so true? I have been thinking a lot about “the noise” Lady Gaga spoke of in that interview and to me it means trusting my own intuition and creativity, not allowing myself to get swallowed up in what everyone else is doing. There is an overwhelming amount of cool, creative things being shared all over the internet to distract me from my work. Even just updating my facebook page can easily wisp me away to a Caribbean Island, an amazing house tour, blog post, or someone’s studio. Allowing for this distraction can often lead to feelings of not measuring up and I become frozen in my perfectionism and the overwhelming list of projects I wish to accomplish. I have come to recognize these distractions as resistance which Steven Pressfield speaks of in his brilliant book, The War of Art. When I allow myself to get filled up by what other people are doing I can’t hear my own voice and then don’t trust my intuition.

hollyhock collage.WEB

Trusting my intuition is like exercise for me. When I don’t work my muscles and take care of my body it shows not only in how my clothes fit but in how I feel, my energy level, and how peaceful my inner being is. Meditation, whether it be quiet time in my garden, a walk at the Bluff or sitting still for 10 minutes helps strengthen my intuition muscle and assists in  canceling out the noise.  Only then do I hear my own voice and creative whispers. I am delighted to be sharing another round of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation ExperienceExpanding Your Happiness with you right now. I loved the last one so much I find this to be one of my non-negotiable daily rituals and a muscle I wish to grow. Can’t wait to see where your intuition and creativity leads you with this Vision.





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