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Dear Friends,

On our trip to Block Island on Saturday we set an intention for the day.  Laura got “intention tattoos” created by Jess Lively for us and we picked the one that had the most meaning for us.  For Tina, it was “be present”.  With the dwindling days of summer vacation, she wanted to enjoy every second.  For Laura, it was “be love”.  After spending the morning scrutinizing what to wear, what to do, and what to pack, she wanted to remember to be kind to herself and others.

It was an excellent day.  Too short with what we wanted to do that day, but there is always next time.  Tina is determined to get Laura on a bike to explore the island! On the return trip, we braved the wind on the top level of the ferry and watched the full moon rise.



In our last post we wrote about the global meditation we participated in.  We have decided to continue this goodness and join Deepka Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation. It’s FREE people! We like how he states that “Meditation strengthens intuition, awareness, and most importantly our own sense of inner peace. When we meditate together, these postivie affects are amplified many times over creating a profound sense of well-being on the planet“.  So, yes we are doing this for our own personal reasons, but the idea of others around the globe doing the same thing is intriguing. We don’t have to be tense or anxious.

For real.

Let us know what you think of these meditation experiences next time we see you.  Seems like a great thing to share over coffee sometime.

Take care,


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