Dare to Suck

day at the bluff with Tina.WEB
Pictures from our day at the Bluff, along with the queen anne’s lace I sketched while there.

Dear Tina,

I am so sad you are no longer here. Miss you already! You have officially got me addicted to Nashville by the way! You are right, those women do have strong, rich roles and I love the country music of course! Between that, our time together and the sweet, compassionate book, Wonder you gifted me I am all filled up with light and imagination.

Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.

~Emily Dickenson

Inspired by the sketches you shared I thought I would be vulnerable and share how my experimental sketch evolved that day. I started with a blind contour drawing of the queen anne’s lace I saw growing wild on the shoreline, then practiced with the techniques you shared using your stencils and kneaded eraser. I can still imagine us there sitting on the rocks together, listening to the beginning of the meditation for peace, hearing India Arie’s tender voice swooning through your phone and the sense of tranquility that came over me. I normally feel resistance trying something new but I am growing towards a place of acceptance. I think when we conquer our fears, whatever they are we truly begin to LIVE.

garden sketch with tina.WEB
Our “working table” in my outdoor studio in the garden.

Dare to suck” 

~Cheryl Crow

Of course I loved when you introduced color with the soft pan pastels. What interesting things you can do with them! I can’t say this is my favorite sketch but I loved the freedom and playfulness I felt using this new material as well as the memory of that day and what I learned from our time together. Sometimes that is what is most important, the learning and risk taking which often leads to other things. “Trust the process” right?

Thank you for the inspiration and being my teacher!



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