Can You Meditate and Be a Bad Ass?



Dear Friends,

Laura and I went to Bluff Point State Park today to hike and sketch.  We stopped along her favorite part of the rocky shore and chatted lightly for awhile.  I headed off to sketch this unusual plant with spikey seedpods, while Laura headed over to draw wildflowers.  I usually don’t show this sketchbook to many people because the drawings are very much in process and raw to me, but I am feeling more confident about what has been developing in the work. I have often felt that they should be more realistic to be taken seriously, but you know what? That’s crap. I think this perception came from teaching at the college (which I am now free of) and my own crazy mind.

What I want is to draw from my intuition about experiences I have.  It’s not a drawing with an artist statement or thesis about life.  It’s a drawing I make up as I go along and let unfold. There is no expected outcome.  No exhibition.

While we were drawing, we participated in setting the Guiness World Record for the largest collective meditation.  It was a beautiful moment to sit in the shade of an oak tree along the ocean and meditate on peace.  We are such bad asses!












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2 thoughts on “Can You Meditate and Be a Bad Ass?

  1. I love this Tina…I believe the reason artists love being artists is Because of the process that leads to the finished work. I have never heard an artist kick back and just revel in the finished piece as art aficionados do… The artist relishes the moments that lead up to a completed piece.
    Upon becoming more aware of this, I think people are finding the beauty in the raw bits that become the masterpiece. Thank you for sharing the more unfinished details of your process.

  2. Thank you so much Sue for leaving this note. I am sorry I missed you while I was in your hometown. That is such a true statement about the finished piece of art. All artists I know think about how much better they can make the piece once they are finished. Neverending perfectionism maybe, but I think it is more about how we enjoy making the work. Getting absorbed in the process is a sort of meditation don’t you think?
    Take care, Tina

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