What we tend to: the art of being a bad blogger

red hot poker from my garden
red hot poker from my garden

Dear Tina,

I should be sharing my ReVision with you along with lots of finished pictures but honestly I just don’t feel like it. It is so close to being finished but my head just hasn’t had the right amount of space to sit with it and add the last few touches. Your Vision has had me mulling over growth in my life and how things blossom when we tend to them. Lately my time has been spent tending to family and friends, really being present, listening, laughing and letting life unfold. I have been doing my best to quiet my mind and turn off the rewind button of chatter telling me I am not accomplishing enough. What is enough anyway? and what is most important to tend to in this life? I think it changes from moment to moment.

false indigo.WEB
false indigo or Baptisia

My dad just had his hip replaced and I spent most of last week in NH with my parents. I visited with them while tending to their gardens with my friend Brigitte and my Auntie Liz. It felt so good to garden with friends and do something for someone else. You know you have wonderful, kindred spirits when they are willing to sweat it up with you in the dirt doing back breaking work!

flowers from my garden
These flowers are currently in my garden right now.

We spent a few days clearing our canvas, ripping out my parents long overgrown flower beds (no small feat). We moved a whole bunch of plants and planned the new gardens, playing with color and texture, much like painting. Brigitte spent an extra day with me going to the garden shop (The Mixed Border has the most wonderful selection of plants, shrubs and flowers for those of you in NH~seriously couldn’t be more helpful). We planted some spectacular flowers and shrubs. My favorites were a gorgeous deep pinkish/purple hibiscus with leaves so dark they looked almost violet as well as a plant I had never heard of called a Viburnum. The Viburnum should have beautiful pinkish white flowers in the spring and berries in the fall. I can’t wait to see how everything fills in.

This is a quick snap of the hibiscus we put in my moms garden. Even more amazing and beautiful in person.

This work left me exhausted, covered in the kind of dirt that left my feet dirty when I took my socks off. As tiring as it was, it was gratifying. Brigitte & I sat back with a glass of wine on the front steps admiring our work as we anxiously waited to see the surprise on my mom’s face when she got home from work. My sisters came over the next day, mowed the lawn and helped finish the mulching. Everything looks so good! So this is what I have been tending to lately.

garden feet.WEB
clean feet here! :)

I am barely able to process that you will be here later on TODAY! Yippee!!! I can hardly stand the wait!





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