ReVision 116: Grasshoppers & Moths


Dear Laura and Friends,

In my last post I posed the question about our Vision/ReVision project changing it’s format to follow a line of inspiration I have been following.  I wondered if you felt the same way and after our phone conversation we have whole-heartedly agreed that it is time to bust out of the small 5″x7″ format into something bigger, better, and more flexible with our ideas.  Bam!

However, I might miss getting an envelope in the mail with your artwork in it, so maybe in a few months we can invent a new project that will go through the mail.  Let’s talk about it when I come to your house in TEN DAYS!  Two visits in one summer = me spoiled.

I completed this ReVision and it ended up being a drawing 9″ x 20″.  I would like to bring it with me on the plane in a few weeks.  Do you think I can take this through security as a carry-on?

After carefully sewing on the moth’s body to the paper with thin brown thread, I promptly broke off the antennae and proboscis with my fat finger.  Ugh.  I glued them below as a little memorial.



I then created about a dozen thumbnail sketches designing and thinking about what type of graphite illustration I wanted to add.  I walked away from the sketches for a few days to think about it and ended up settling on the circle idea (seen above). The patterns in the circles are inspired by the patterns in the wings of the moth after looking at them with a magnifying glass.

Here is the final drawing.  Thanks for the inspiration Laura!

I am looking forward to Vision 117!





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