Inspired By Insects: A ReVision In Process


Dear Laura,

My friend Donna gave me this moth and it is inspiring my response to your Vision. Isn’t she beautiful?  Notice the furry texture on her back.

I have a question for you.

We have previously decided that our ReVision’s are ready to go bigger at around the 12″x12″ size, rather than our mail art size of 5″x7″ on paper.  I was wondering if we should not have a pre-determined size, but rather create an original piece of art as large or small as we want? What do you think?

The reason I suggest this is because recently I have started a series of artworks that are graphite drawings along with one single object sewn onto the paper. They measure 9″x20″ or 18″24″. The drawings and objects interact and tell a new story.   This particular ReVision is fitting right in with my current body of work, which is ideally where we want our work to go right?  There is something magical about our work blending with our individual studio work.   This type of practice is rare and uncharted in the visual arts world, don’t you think?  Here is a snapshot of some of this work that has started with Golden Pheasant and Cedar Waxwing feathers.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.35.45 AM

My plan is to create 8 or more of these.   Here is one that I have completed.



I hope you have had a wonderful vacation with Brett to celebrate your marriage.  Having someone special who supports and loves you through all the crazy of this life is a gift!

Let me know what you think of this idea about the format for this upcoming ReVision when you get home.



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