studio/soul cleanse

This is a little peek at what is currently on my easel.
What is currently on my easel.

Dear Tina

Friday can only be what I would consider a studio/soul cleanse….I went to my studio to teach a private art lesson with a special girl, then planned on painting the afternoon away. After my lesson I ended up on a different creative journey, finding myself rearranging, organizing and doing a much needed top to bottom studio cleaning. It was one of those days where I worked until dark but left feeling completely revitalized and even a little giddy as I turned off the lights.

I have been antsy for a change in my studio for a while but didn’t want to take the time away from painting. I know how I am and once I get started, easily getting caught up in making things just so. You would be proud of how good I have been keeping myself on track with my goals so in a way I thought taking this time seemed a little indulgent. On a deeper level I know this is part of my creative process just like sketching, painting, walking or time spent in my garden. It helps me think, gives me ideas and feeds my soul. I do this in my house as well. I find seeing things in the same place for too long makes them fade into the background and I don’t really see them anymore? Do you find this in your home as well?

Simple JOY.WEB

I am very inspired by how people style things and have pinterest boards for studio inspirationdecorating and styling but for the most part I think it is fun just to look around your house, play and move things like your favorite mug, the starfish you collected on a trip or a vintage ball jar given to you by a special friend who shares your love of vintage to a new home. This is a new little arrangement I did in my kitchen using fresh flowers from my garden and my “simple joy”painting. I still have a little work to do in the studio and will share pictures of my newly revamped space when I am done.

I will leave you with a few of the blogs I love for decorating & creative living:

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Catch up soon? miss you much!


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