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setting the intention for my guests
setting the intention for relaxation and just “being” for my guests

Dear Tina,

It seems so strange to not have talked with you on the phone these past few weeks. Summer sure is FULL isn’t it? Did you have a nice Anniversary? Eighteen years is a long time and I am so happy for you and Chris! Lately I have felt so unbelievably blessed I don’t know what to do with myself. My little home has been a swinging door of goodness, eagerly anticipating and welcoming out of town friends and family from NH to AZ. I couldn’t be happier! Summer is so beautiful here on the shoreline and I am grateful to not only live here but to be able to share it with people who mean so much to me.

turquoise boat

Brett finally finished the boat he had been working on during your last visit. It took him months of late nights but was well worth the effort as it is my most favorite boat we have ever owned. She is a clean, crisp white with teak trim and seats that are original to the boat giving it a vintage vibe I love. I got to choose the colors and I opted for the most gorgeous Caribbean sea foam turquoise for the inside that makes me SMILE SO BIG every time I see it.


This little boat quickly transports us from our backyard to our own “private oasis” on the beach. It can be done all in one short trip, along with our guests, beach gear and boat drinks nestled safely in the cooler. I am so proud of all Brett’s hard work and meticulous attention to detail. He spent hours in his shop every night for months, sanding, stripping, painting and adding all the little details that make this boat extra special. Seeing all he accomplished by being diligent and do a little at a time reminds me of you and how much you get done in your studio, even with only one studio day a week. You both inspire me and help me stay on track with my work when my routine is thrown off. I can always fit in a little sketching, writing, photography or flower arranging, right? All these little things help keep my creative muscles working when I don’t have large blocks of time.

arrangements I created with flowers from my garden
arrangements created with flowers from my garden

The photographs I have been taking I have been posting on instagram. Can I tell you how much I LOVE instagram? I think right now it may be my favorite social media site. It is such an amazingly happy place, filled with inspiration, creativity and kind souls. I even designed my first flipagram (video story) with fun pictures from my parents recent visit. It is only 13 seconds long due to instagrams restrictions but I love it.  I added a clip from Jimmy Buffett’s song, Jolly Mon which always lights me up when I hear it. I know these little videos will get easier the more I do them but this one took me a few hours to figure out, edit & perfect. I am really proud of it and can’t wait to create more. I think it might be fun to document the evolution of our artwork as well. What do you think?


In those little pockets of time I have between company I have been sneaking in some small paintings to keep my “muscles” strong.  I am finding endless inspiration in my garden and love being in my “outdoor studio”.


working table
I let the color of the flowers inspire the backgrounds for the paintings.

Sending so much love your way…


p.s. I thought you might appreciate this version of Jimmy Buffett’s, Jolly Mon from a concert I went to at Fenway Park before the “curse of the Bambino” was lifted, knowing what a Red Sox fan you are. You can’t see what is happening but there was such an energy in the park that night I think you will be able to hear. I believe he may have had a little something to do with the curse being lifted~ha!

p.s.s. Did you know Jimmy wrote a children’s book with his daughter, Savanna Jane called Jolly Mon? It is such a sweet tale which of course I have in my collection along with every other book he wrote. I love this man and will turn you into a “Parrothead” yet!

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