Laura’s ReVision 115: lilac color story, a Robbins nest, noticing…

lilac color storycollage.WEB

Hello Sweet T,

How are you? It was a delight seeing how your ReVision 115 came together. I love the layering you are doing and the use of the stencils for the subtractive drawings you illustrated in your last letter. I ended up working in a series for my ReVision. Often as I try out new things I will experiment with them and like to have more than one idea going to expand my possibilities. Usually I pick my favorite but I really like both of them and thought I would share my thought process.

I started gathering color inspiration in Pinterest which I have to say I am a little addicted to. I rarely work with a specific color story in mind but wanted to challenge myself. I focused on the lavender from the lilac photos I had taken and the turquoise I have grown so fond of. You can see this color palette in Carolyn Quartermaine’s textiles as well.  I love how she used her artwork on the chair fabric (see image above). She has such a great sense of color and style. I have been getting inspiration form her book, Revealed and was also drawn to her use of gold script which you can see I experimented with in my ReVisions.

lilac in pitcher.WEB

I arranged bouquets of flowers and did a photo shoot to work on my photography. I like how the color came together and the depth of field in the images. I still have more to learn as far as photography goes but I feel like I am getting better the more I practice.

WEB.ReVision 115 inspiration

I then sketched out several ideas and created backgrounds for them using collage paper and stamps. I was drawn to the uniqueness of each individual lilac flower. While drawing them I realized I had several kinds of lilacs in my garden as the petals were so different. Some had four petals while others were more intriguing and intricate. I liked slowing down, zooming and and noticing these little details.

Although I still have one more to finish which you can see above, I decided on these two paintings for my ReVision. I used my stencils to write, LOVE, thinking about the lilacs meaning I wrote about in my last letter.

Love lilacs.WEB
Will be available as a fine art print in our shop soon! Reserve yours today.


Will be available as a fine art print in our shop soon! Reserve yours today.

The second painting was started with layered papers and paint. I added the hearts to go along with the love theme of the lilacs. I focused on the individual flowers I had drawn in my sketchbook and put them in these whimsical vases. The bird symbolizes the Robbin I had seen going up and under our boats shrink wrap. I noticed her bringing worms to her babies while sketching in the garden. Although I couldn’t see them, I knew they were there and I wouldn’t let Brett take the shrink wrap off the boat until I was sure they were gone. We have since pulled it off and found the most gorgeous nest. I will have to take a picture to share with you. It is amazing the things I am notice when I am present in the garden. I will relish this time.

Cheery Smiles your way my friend!


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