Tina’s ReVision 115: Lemon Balm



Dear Laura,

Starting this piece of art in your garden in Connecticut and completing in my studio in South Carolina was a great experience.  I wish we could visit one another like this- spending a few hours together and then off to our studios.  However, maybe the distance is what makes this collaboration work so well.  We can be influenced by one another and incorporate that into our lives a small bite at a time.



This composition started with an antique book page and shapes painted with watercolor. My drawn subject is the lemon balm in your garden.  I have been exploring combining watercolors and graphite.  I am very interested in subtractive drawing- taking away the graphite through erasing with stencils. In this photograph, I am adding graphite through the stencil pattern with a blending tool, but I will also use the eraser in the same way.

TinaReVision115.2I started this composition in my sketchbook which is 8″x12″ and filled the page.  For this particular ReVision we have decided to change the format to 6″x6″ in a similar way we created our mail art back in 2007. I took awhile to consider what I should include- moving the six inch square around until I found just the right composition.


Since creating this ReVision, I have been using this technique for other drawings.  Once again, our work together has inspired me to push my materials and compositions beyond what I know. Here is a sample of what has been unfolding in my studio since finishing this ReVision.


I am not sure where it is going yet, but am letting myself “trust the process” as Goddard College always taught us!

Looking forward to reading about your ReVision 115,


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