Working Table

January 18, 2010

Laura and Tina will be starting a new series of photos in a weekly post titled “Working Table”.  We will simply take a photo of the table we are working at all day while in the studio.  It is one more step toward our greater goal of revealing the process of our work as artists.  We were inspired by Gabriel Orozco’s exhibit at the NYC Museum of Modern Art and his ‘working table’.

It was a large table with seemingly random objects on it.  We didn’t see what the big deal was until we started to look closer and see the connections of experiments and objects to the ‘completed’ work in the gallery.  We rarely see the artist’s thinking process in a museum or gallery.  One of our big questions and reasons for writing in this blog is:

How can one articulate the process of creating and not just the product of creating?

With our Working Table posts we intend to explore this question. Perhaps you will also share your Working Table photos with us as well.  We would enjoy posting yours alongside ours each week.

~Laura and Tina~

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5 thoughts on “Working Table

  1. Your working table looks so much like mine – every square inch is covered with “raw materials” :) Sigh of relief – I’m not the only one who produces out of that kind of creative stew! Thank you for your honest glimpse of who you are & how you work – kudos!

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