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Dear Tina,

I can totally relate to your thoughts about “creative deserts“. I find I can be distracted from my creative work by all the goodness that comes with summer. As you know, our home becomes a place for people to gather in the summer. Our newly painted deck has taken on my Caribbean spirit with a fresh coat of lime green. Our deck is our favorite place in the summer. It becomes a gathering place for relaxing, connecting and catching up. We are blessed to have a special circle of family and friends visiting most weekends throughout the summer.  In fact I have declared this THE SUMMER OF FUN! Although I wouldn’t change a thing, I do find I am forever trying to fit in all my “normal” home chores during the week, not having the weekends to “catch up”. I know my studio practice could easily slip away if I didn’t focus on it everyday, even if it is only in a small way.

deck color.lilacs.WEB
NEW deck color! It makes me smile SO BIG!

I have tried many things to stay on track. Lately I have been committing myself to creativity for 30 minutes every day no matter what. This doesn’t always translate to the studio and I am okay with that.

flower posie.WEB

Sometimes my art is found in my garden with the little posies of flowers I create. I love seeing what is in bloom and combining colors and textures in ways I may not have thought of. This is creative play for me which I know often leads to other things.


I am almost finished my ReVision and totally get the lessons you are learning from Eckhart Tolle. Flowers certainly are abundant in my life. I have been researching some of them for my ReVision, inspired by the lilacs and confederate jasmine you love. Lilacs happen to be my home state of NH’s flower. Purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love, while the white ones represent youthful innocence. It was interesting to learn that jasmine is known to stimulate the mind, empower one’s self esteem, and encourage clear thoughts. In Southeast Asia, jasmine has been known to symbolize the beauty in femininity, grace and purity. Did you know that?

I was inspired by both of these flowers and have been experimenting with a few different ideas for my ReVision. Two pieces have collage elements in the background with little birds and the third one was inspired by the old world, yet modern and fresh aesthetic of Carolyn Quartermaine. She has a gorgeous book about her process called, Revealed.  I find I go back to for the sheer beauty of it. You might remember me writing about her in our first ReVision in the script series. There is a short, inspiring video in that post as well. I find her aesthetic romantic and dreamy. It has a beautiful, old french feeling to it. Here is a little peek into my sketchbook and the background layers.

ReVision115.Process pics

 “Color is fundamental” ~Carolyn Quartermaine

I will share more soon! Happy day to you!

love, Laura

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