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Snowy Heart, Laura Gaffke 2010

Hi Tina & friends~

Since much of our focus is on the creative process and collaboration I thought I would share how this takes place in the classroom. Yesterday I was blown away by what my students (friends) brought in to share for the “Fearless Sketchjournaling” class I am teaching at the Mystic Arts Center. As you know my believe as an educator is that everyone has something unique to share, individual to their experiences. If we are open we have the ability to stretch ourselves to widen our perspective and grow beyond what we presently know. This could be artists we had never heard of like John Haberie or Sandra Allen, quotes, places to visit, museums, galleries and the list goes on. Trying to create a forum for this in my classes I invited my students (friends) to bring in things they came across during the week that have inspired them. Here are a some of the great resources they shared. I can feel new books coming to the bookshelf…


Moonlight Chronicles,” Dan Price

How to make a journal your Life,” Dan Price

Everyday Matters”, Danny Gregory

The Creative License”, Danny Gregory

A Life in Hand,” Hannah Hinchmen

A Trail Through the Leaves,” Hannah Hinchmen

Taking a Line for a Walk: 1100 Miles on Foot, Le Havre to Rome,” Christopher Lambert

Drawing From Life: The Journal as Art,” Jennifer New

WEBSITE A letter was shared from the twice-weekly letters this artist writes. It was inspiring enough for me to subscribe myself.

*I will be sure to share more resources as they come about and would love to know any inspiration you found this week and continue “collaborating.”

Cheery Smiles, Laura

“Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors, keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits, keep your habits positive because your habits become your values, keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.” ~Mohatma Gandi

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