3 simple wishes

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Hello Sweet T,

How are you? I wanted to share our intentions from our last “wish ceremony.” It was so late when we wrote them on your last night in CT and I remember us being so silly and tired from all our adventures. It is always fun thinking about our wishes and then lighting them on fire and watching them quietly dissolve into the night. Such a simple act with great intention for us.

Our Wishes

1. Always maintain a fun and caring friendship

2. Plan a trip for the winter

3. Expand and focus on our Vision/ReVision Project,

our photography

& our dialog about our

artistic process.


I looked back on our wishes from past years and really loved seeing how much we have grown. In 2010 we found the flying wish paper in Providence and put our wishes out into the world on my dock when you were visiting me, in 2011 I visited your studio in Charleston and we shared our wishes in your back yard (we are doing some kind of weird dance in those pictures~ha! ) and in 2012 we were in NYC. That was such a fun trip! When are we going again? It has been too long! Our 2013‘s wishes meant a lot to me because we really clarified our values on that trip. Thank you for always challenging me to be by best. Looking forward to seeing where we will be the next time we see each other.

Love ya!


tina & I with mustaches
This was when we visited Beer’d Brewing Company at the Velvet Mill. The picture is a little grainy from the iPhone but I think it is a cute picture of us, don’t you?
follow your own path
Love this sign we found in the Brewery.
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