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Hello Sweet T,

How are you? I cannot tell you how much it lit me up that you were just in Connecticut filling my home with your goofiness and bright spirit. Our time together is so precious and jam packed, isn’t it? I can’t believe everything we managed to get done in such a short amount of time! There was an ease to this visit I cannot describe even with our artist talk which I think went really well, didn’t you? It gave us a great opportunity to really think about our work together and where we want it to go. I was really proud of us so high five!


plant sale


Thank you for going to the Plant Sale with me on Saturday. I would have had a lot more trouble loading up my car with all those luscious plants without your help. I managed to get most of my new perennials in the ground Wednesday after I dropped you off at the airport (there are benefits to getting up at 4am!). I bought so many interesting flowers I never heard of that I will have to look up. I feel like I have a serious flower obsession!




Here is a picture of those magical flowers that stole my heart from the Velvet Mill’s Farmer’s Market. I was glad you had a chance to meet my friends Annie & Dennis and see their studios while we were there. Such a neat place, right?




I have been thinking about your Vision and can imagine the blanket of jasmine covering the side of your house from my last visit when they were in bloom. I picture you in the early morning pausing to pick one of those tiny, white stars, soaking in it’s intoxicating scent. The lilacs are in bloom right now and cause me to pause in a similar way. I have pitchers of them scattered all over my house right now and have been thinking about how they could be possible inspiration for my next ReVision. I remember picking them for my mother each year when I was little. I love how a flower or the sweet scent they bring creates associations. Do any flowers do this for you?

Okay, that is all for now…xoLaura



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